Still here ….

It is odd how we gravitate to the places that are familiar to us and we feel comfortable in regardless of the harsh conditions that ‘place’ may bring. For all of you who remember the ‘Small Change’ blog of July 2013, here’s an update. The rain was lashing along Lexington Avenue, sending shoppers scurrying for home and a dry change of clothes. All but one, Small Change was already ‘home’. Wrapped up in recycling bags against the rain and determined not to be washed away.

Still Here


13 thoughts on “Still here ….

  1. Hard to press “like” for this photo. Is this the person’s choice? I know people do chose this kind of like. Was it beyond the person’s control? Is the person happy? Looking for help? Will the person accept help? I don’t have any answers. We are conditioned to expect people to live in certain ways but all who wander are not always lost. It doesn’t seem that people should live like this…ever. Are they physically or mentally ill and off their meds? Too many unknowns. Now days, so many questions without answers. This photo evokes all of them.

  2. Just to weigh up the situation in my head:

    The title of the oringinal picture “Small Change” is so apt because although I connected it with the idea of how little money this lady probably acquired each day from begging, I now have a new consideration.

    I don’t know when you shot “Small Change” but you posted it in mid-July of 2013. The money, will and technology exists to operate a remote controlled car on Mars, engage adversaries in military campaigns, establish a pipeline from northern Alberta into the heart of the US so that we can drive our cars and so much more, yet here we are ten months after you posted “Small Change” and this woman’s living conditions have not improved in the slightest.

    Just working things out.

    • The ‘small change’ title was also to reflect her life and how every day was the same, also the fact that she looks tiny against the ‘wall’ she rests against. I doubt she could give a fig about the events you have listed or even comprehend the impact they have. And, seriously, why should she? Thanks, as always for you comment.

  3. I’m so thankful he had least had the bags to keep him dry, but how miserable! A reminder of how thankful we need to be. A home is not something to take for granted!

    • I almost hate to tell you this because it somehow seems worse (not entirely sure why). The ‘him’ is actually a ‘her’! Poor woman, I can only guess at the circumstances that brought her to this.

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