Sweet Dreams

‘Please Step Over’  Downtown Manhattan

‘Settling Down For the Night’  1st Avenue, Upper East Side

‘All Souls + One’  Upper East Side

‘Benchmark’  Lower Manhattan

‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’  Upper East Side

26 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Great photo-journalism but like everyone else said too: very sad commentary. We have the same problems in Vancouver and they are all over the world. Poverty. Addiction. Illness. Depression. And desperate loneliness.

      • Yes. I know. There but for the Grace of God, go I… It can happen to anyone. Lose everything because of one mistake. Some people don’t get all the ‘chances’ they need. Most of us are all a couple of paychecks away from devastation. But even in those dire situations, God has the vulnerable ones in His hands–with love.

  2. your first photo reminds me of a story i was told about a homeless man in downtown los angeles. he was laying on the sidewalk just like the photo and people were stepping over him. come to find out the man was deceased. breaks my heart that nobody checked on him until it was too late.

  3. Great storytelling in the images but hard to look at people going through such troubles. I really wish there could be a solution but sometimes people need to help themselves which isn’t easy with addiction or whatever it was that led them down this path in the first place.

  4. I’ve heard it said, …”People need to help themselves”….as I look through all of these photographs on your site….I can’t help… But think…. there isn’t, one person you’ve photographed….who’s beginning aspiration it was, to live this way….and who wouldn’t “Help Themselves”…if they Knew How…had the proper Resources…and the Mental Capacity….but for the luck of the draw….go any of us, spiraling over the edge. Humanness….can be a very subjective quality, it seems.

    • Just ‘Dungeons and dragons’ but with a little reality of decision. I guess? Thank you Kirsten. I love your prose. Can any of us really know where we may end or what brought us to that moment.

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