Four very different images of the same piece of brick and steel. The Empire State Building has dominated the skyline of New York City since 1931. Named as one of the wonders of the modern world, it stands on 34th street and is a visible icon for the American dream. The most photographed building in the world (according to some) but it has a mood and essence that changes with the seasons. Over the years, a plane has hit it, over thirty people have thrown themselves to their death from it, celluloid gorillas have hung from it, countless films have set their beginning or end here. Some people have even run up the internal staircase with 1576 steps, a record of 9 minutes and 33 seconds to complete the task to reach the 86th floor. Over 100 million people have traveled on its winches and pulleys (that’s an elevator to you, lift to me) at high speed to marvel at the view from the observation deck. If you ever get yourself here, come have a look. From a distance you think ‘Is that it?’ When you get close, it becomes what it is. A magical part of what we want America to be!

Dark EmpireEmpire StateEmpireEmpire Flag

26 thoughts on “Empire

      • Chuckle… You’re a sweet man, Anton. With the vision of an artist and the heart of a poet. Not to mention that you are one helluva photographer … on a mission. I just saw your fashion week photographs. Good grief! Such incredible skill and talent. I point and shoot and hope. You photograph. But, it’s wonderful that digital photography has opened the door for old, shaky people like me to express themselves. It makes me happy. I don’t just admire your photographs, I absorb them like a poems or a stories that inform my understanding of who we are. That, my friend, is photography. 🙂

        • I humbly thank you for your kind words George. I think that any photographer would tell you, if they were honest enough, that ‘point and shoot and hope’ are the rules for most of us when we try to capture an image. Nice when we get lucky though isn’t it!

  1. I agree – after many years in NYC, I found it has many moods. I always loved it when fog or clouds hovered over it and you get the play of light…and there are places in Jersey where it juts up quite unexpectedly, seemingly rising by itself out of the wetlands. The shot with the sign made me smile!

    • The sign tickles me too. As you know, when you walk west on 34th Street, the Empire State dominates everything, whoever thought that a sign is needed to notice it is more than a little stupid. There is a fantastic view of it from Dumbo where it is framed beautifully inside one of the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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