On The Street

‘Waiting for your God’ Upper West Side

‘Fired up’ Alphabet City

‘Under the Angel’s wings’ East 67th Street

‘The third step’ Midtown

‘Life Recovery’ Chelsea

‘Home Makers’ Downtown on 9th

18 thoughts on “On The Street

  1. I hit the ‘like’ button because I like your sensitive interpretation of a difficult subject … but I can’t ‘like’ that this is happening in our so-called civilised society … the forgotten people and their ignored heartache

    • It amazes me that while the NY Mayor and his cronies spend so much time and energy banning smoking in the Parks or stopping people drinking over-sized sodas etc the homeless situation is ignored. I guess if they could find a way to tax them things would be different. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Reblogged this on valdecor and commented:
    While my family could be called dirt poor and our life in the Oklahoma countryside often seems dull, we are truly blessed in comparison to these poor souls.

    • I think as a photographer ‘dirt poor in the Oklahoma countryside’ seems like a magnificent opportunity to shoot the truth, I also know that it must have been tough to live it. There is a strange beauty in reality. I thank you for your comment and for your reblog.

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