Hang Down Your Head

‘Dog Tired’ 86th Street Upper East Side

‘Window Shopping’ 3rd Avenue

‘Help Wanted’ Lincoln Square

‘Cat Nap’ 1st Avenue

40 thoughts on “Hang Down Your Head

  1. Simply GREAT!!! Fantastic shots and fabulous document about the harsh side of life. That that some people don’t like to see. Fabulous!!!!!

    • Of course, I think it is important to show respect. I always aim to show them the images of themselves after I have taken the photographs, if they wish me to delete them, then I delete them. I always thank them and always offer a small donation to help ease their situation a little.

  2. i see this alot here in los angeles. i often look at them and wonder what happened. did they choose to live that kind of life? did they just make poor decisions that put them out on the street? don’t they have family who could help? this is someone’s son or daughter. someone’s mother or father. makes me think. they are great shots. extremely powerful and makes one think.

    • I am sure each and every one of them has a different story. Victim or architect of their own demise. Sad to see, hard not to want to capture. Thanks for your comment

  3. I like your images. You seem to see a lot of what I see, though most often, I don’t capture it. I tend towards shooting beauty and detail which is a different reality. Thank you for letting me see this reality through your lens.

  4. Even the dog has a little bowl of food and some water…and the irony of sleeping up against a bright window filled with food. It makes me think of the story, “The Little Match Girl”. Your images tell so many stories.. Will you be displaying work at Frieze in May?

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