All That I Own

'Mine' 57th & Park

'A Tisket, A Tasket ....' 14th Street

'Waiting by the Subway' 59th & Lexington

'I'm not asking' Midtown

'Comfy Chair' 69th & 1st

25 thoughts on “All That I Own

  1. I know not everyone who lives on the street has chosen that life, but some of them have. My sister has done that and then chose something different. Your photos are a great commentary.

    • Thank you. I guess we all make decisions for better or worse and then have to live with them. I never intend to produce judgmental images. I just photograph what is around me and like most big cities, NY has a major homeless problem.

  2. I would hope this profound piece would be Re-blogged,Tweeted and Facebooked…until these images become a far distant memory…of what homelessness, poverty and neglect… once….. looked like in the streets of our cities.

    • Thank you Kirsten, I appreciate the re-blog and you taking the time to comment on my work. Perhaps society has not come as far as we like to think.

  3. Whoa…words fail, but your images sure don’t. I’ve been reading about the poor of London in the 1880’s, and naively thinking that was a thing of the past. Clearly not.

  4. I’m living in Manila for almost a year now and I have to keep reminding people that homelessness and poverty does exist in the U.S. (and not just for the black folks). I have chosen not to shoot any similar scenes here; others have already taken every opportunity to focus on the poverty and plight of the unfortunate here to keep the world-wide perception of the Philippines as a third world country full of people who live in trees and cardboard boxes. I hope you can see from my images that this is surely not the case for this developing nation. Thanks for liking my post. Would like to re-blog with your permission.

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for the comment. I guess it is easier to form a negative opinion of a different culture because that excuses the need to get involved in a thought process that may be disturbing to our social ideals. Stumbling around in a fog of our own making allows us to pretend not to see what is in front of us. The milk of human kindness has been sanitized, homogenized and pasteurized to such an extent that is is now only available with a corporate logo and a release clause. I love your work and will be following. Please feel free to re-blog any of my work. Thanks.

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