Just Looking

As the New York summer ends and the last few warm days are made the most of by the majority of the population. Two reluctant swimmers look on from the Coney Island pier. I like the sense of exclusion in this image. A couple on the outside gazing in. Perhaps they feel they are too old, too modest or too uncomfortable with the kind of broad social interaction it would need on their part to join in the fun of the beach below. Perhaps they never did ‘join in’ and have always been happy to view the world from a distance in their own familiar silence.  Separated from reality by their elevation and the strong construction of the pier railing, there is a certain safety in their positioning. Well away from the risk of any possibility of criticism or judgement. Not taking part, just looking.

20 thoughts on “Just Looking

  1. And yet, I see a beach towel and what appears to be a swimsuit on the one on the right, so maybe they’re just taking a break?

    Either way, I like the composition of the shot.

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