One Night on 57th Street

57th Street runs across the middle of Manhattan from the East River, through the northern end of Midtown, crossing the opulence of 5th Avenue as it continues in an absolute straight line to the north of Hell’s Kitchen and onto the West Side and the Hudson River. I love this street, it slices through many diverse sections of New York City. During the day it is teaming with shoppers, office workers and tourists. At night it is a very different story. By the time the last restaurant has said goodnight to its final customers and the neon signs are extinguished, 57th Street is already populated by a very different clientele. These photographs were taken during the early hours of September 5th 2012.

Citi Bank 57th and Park Avenue

57th, Hell’s Kitchen

57th and Lexington Avenue

57th, Carnegie Hall

57th, Calvary Baptist Church

57th and Second Avenue





33 thoughts on “One Night on 57th Street

  1. The contrast is quite literally black and white (no pun intended) we all go around our own streets during the day not thinking about what happens in those streets once the myriad of “day people” have gone home to their families. It’s great to see you documenting life that most people do not see.

    • Thanks. In all honesty I would prefer to show then in colour as I think it adds to the ‘now’ factor. Also, I tend to shoot in such low light that reducing them to black and white turns the noise down and allows the contrasts to come through.

  2. My dad worked at that Citibank branch. I lived around the corner from 57th and Second. It’s heartbreaking that in a vibrant living city, there ‘s little living to be done for some. Your shots tell an important story. My like is for the quality of your work and not for the homelessness.

    • I get the ‘like’ stuff. I bet your Dad never thought that his bank windowsill was being used as a ‘bed’ for someone after he had left work, and why would he. It is important and it is relevant to the New York of today. The contrast of the bank building lights as a corporate symbol being his ‘night lights’ astounds me. What Citi Bank is and what he is, on the outside, pushes the breath out of me. Thank your for you comment.

    • Thanks, the rate of the increase in homelessness globally is astonishing, if it was a corporate enterprise, shares in it would go through the roof. Err …. Well, obviously there is no roof. If there were a roof they would not be homeless. I think I may just as well stop there with that.

    • As you can guess, I see some harrowing sights on the streets of NY. The despair and misery is heartbreaking. Funny that I never see reference to it in any tourist guides or holiday brochures. Perhaps the only progression we can make has to be accompanied by a political blindfold and a heavy splash of ignorance. Thank you for taking the time to comment Patti.

  3. I just recently moved to NYC although I’ve been visiting for 8 years.. and it breaks my heart to see so many homeless people and beggars! Your blog really reflects the city – showing the reality of living here – the gap between the struggling ones and the ones who live the most desired lifestyles.

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