Table for One

I have no idea why I love this photograph. There is a calm and solitude to it that gives it its strength I think. A familiar loneliness of the subject that somehow makes it powerful. I would guess that he doesn’t think that. Or maybe he does. Maybe he is more than happy to manage his life without conversation over dinner or perhaps he wishes there was someone opposite who wants to talk about his day. It makes me sad, but it also makes me happy that perhaps he is content with that. The reflection in the window shows that life is going on around him. He has his back to that.

42 thoughts on “Table for One

  1. What a lovely, rich dreamy shot with so much happening throughout!

    (Sometimes the loneliest people in the world are two people sitting across from each other at the same table . . .)

      • I just want to let you know how much your subject here, at his table for one, has been in my thoughts since seeing this wonderful shot. Indeed, all of your photos, with some of the very people you have featured I see in the streets for myself, leave so many lingering thoughts . . . .

        • Thank you. I do sometimes feel like a thief. Capturing moments of other peoples lives and running away with them. The importance of documenting stuff like this is paramount to ‘fixing’ the holes in the social net. I guess it is futile, but we can but try. Thanks.

  2. I love the reflections that show life going on around him. Whatever he is absorbed in has totally removed him. I hope it’s an idea that he’s been wrestling with and has just found a glimmer of understanding.

  3. Love this – and as mentioned before above, the reflections of the streets outside!! Great picture!

  4. Your photographs stir the imagination, tug at the heart, mirror our secret fears or make us smile., sometimes, all these things at once……and always….. you leave us wanting more! NICE!!

  5. Well, he’s not reading, or fiddling with his phone – so he’s not distracting himself, taking himself away from the now. That he’s so determinedly alone, and has chosen to eat in this unfrequented place does pose scenarios galore, and that’s what makes it a great shot in my mind.

  6. I love it. Like you ask in your intro; who is he, what’s he doing there? The questions are endless and the opportunity for the viewer to fill in their own story are endless. Congratulations on capturing a moment in time and all that it might mean.

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