Team America

Just off Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a homeless woman sleeps in a bus shelter surrounded by her meager belongings. Above her, an almost nymph like image of an athlete. Strong, graceful and confident. The poster child of a proud Olympic sponsor.  Well ……….. I can see the irony.

14 thoughts on “Team America

  1. Another thought-provoking pic; I wonder how many of us would have ‘seen it’.
    By the way, thanks for the ‘like’ on my post of 23 June; this is where my ‘crush’ on the haiku – in this case someone else’s creation – and the idea of putting it with a picture began.
    Maybe interesting to you as a photographer: I think that the picture might have been taken on the box Brownie – my first camera – which I received for passing my 11+ exam. But photography for me began earlier – developing prints by gas light – on ‘gas light paper’ – with my grandmother.

  2. I know this place, this woman. There are so many like her in NY now, that sad number is growing. It is a touching photo, and I believe you are the only one who could have captured it.

  3. Great image and great juxtaposition. I think we see these little “ironies” on a daily basis, but often they just pass us by unnoticed through familiarity and other times I think we pretend not to see.

  4. The real irony of this capture is the fact that the upper East side was once known as the place where Manhattan elite lived….this was before the trendy places downtown and Brooklyn sprung up. Maybe these guys have returned to re-live those “good old days” and the scraps are tastier here. I lived in New York most of my life, so while this ironic image is a sad scene I can’t help but show my New York sarcasm – go figure… Great shot, by the way:-)

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