Angel of the East Side

Just to the South of East Houston Street, tucked away in a corner of the Lower East Side, sits the Gothic splendor that is The Angel Orensanz Foundation. This revival synagogue, the oldest in New York,  is fairly innocuous from the street but once inside its sheer magnificence takes your breath away. Spanish sculptor and painter Angel Orensanz purchased the property in 1986, restored it and converted it into an art gallery and performance space. Just stunning.

The main hall, 7000 square feet of Gothic beauty

The large center door is crowned by triangular moldings

Fifty feet from polished floor to vaulted ceiling with two tiers of balconies

The rib-vaulted cobalt ceiling

25 thoughts on “Angel of the East Side

  1. Thanks, I’m currently trying to put together these art show/charity events, and now I’ve got a new possible venue to check out. A magnificent looking building.

    • Hey Karen, I would love to say that it is the skill of the photographer that made these images so compelling but they have their own lighting designer at the Angel so it is his talent and not mine, sadly. Thank you, as always, for your great comment

  2. Looks an outstanding performance space – must say have never come across a gothic revival synagogue before. Seems very logical if that’s when you’re designing your building but — not sure what it’s doing to my brain.

  3. The lighting in your photography is amazing! Thanks for liking one of my posts on my blog, you are so talented it’s a huge compliment.

    • Thank you for your kind words, it must be difficult committing to photographing and posting photographs every day. I admire your dedication. Well done, great documentation.

  4. very interesting colouring… lovely work. By the way, the title photo is stunning. I spent such a long time just staring at it, I’m very impressed. I hope you framed it and hung it somewhere because it deserves to be displayed.

  5. Must be a little difficult for the art to compete with the building! But as a performance space it must be stunning. I’m so interested that even synagogues lose their congregation and morph into other uses.

  6. Stunning images of the synagog. Glad to see it’s being used as an art space instead of a religious indoctrination center. Is it lit that way or have you enhanced the colors? I’m not asking to be critical, if you look at my work you’ll see that I have no qualms about boosting saturation, I’m just curious.

    • Added a bit of heavy contrast just to deepen it a little. They have their own lighting designer at the Angel so it is ‘he’ who must take the credit for the stunning color.

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