Tango in Union Square

I think this may be my favourite photograph of all. A couple tango the afternoon away in Union Square. Oblivious to all around them, they hold on. Focused on each other as if nothing else exists (and why should it). Simply beautiful. The ‘Forever 21’ sign in the background is an accident on my part but it somehow makes this photograph complete.

38 thoughts on “Tango in Union Square

  1. Wonderful photo very special. Today I was thinking about all my own favourite photos (IMO) have something unexplained/unseen in the background.

  2. I like the understated sensuality of this shot. I am not surprised it is one of your favourites.

  3. What a fantastic photo! I love people who aren’t afraid to be their own unique and original selves. They are the ones that make this world so fascinating and fun to live in! Thank you for capturing the moment. 🙂

  4. Her red dress really pops out amid the more grey background – and the suit of her partner. It seems like a symbol of Tango itself – passion. Great shot!

    • To be honest before the ‘Occupy’ people took over. Union Square was a wonderful place. Full of quirky individuals who just ‘got on’ with being together and hanging out. I promise you, this couple danced the afternoon away. Beautiful to watch such private escape in such a public place. Thanks for the comment.

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