Nearly Midnight in Central Park

It is an odd place Central Park. Stuck right in the middle of Manhattan, it is vibrant and glorious during the day, but at night it takes on a whole new magic ……. So I find myself on the West Side of New York City, it is 11.30 pm and I have 3 choices, get a cab to the East Side (it feels like getting automotively mugged), walk south down Central Park West, cross through Columbus Circle, carry straight on towards the East River and then back up again (exhausting) or take a stroll through the park. So stroll it was. Entering at 72nd Street, past the unimaginative ‘Imagine’ mosaic tribute to John Lennon in Strawberry Fields (he deserved better to be honest), down the steep incline (like a blindfolded drunk in a coal mine)  and on to Bethesda Terrace. Once you get over the eerie silence, pierced only occasionally by some nocturnal creature declaring its need to procreate and the eye watering darkness (they really must invest in brighter street lighting here) it is not so bad. I take my camera absolutely everywhere I go, so, Ladies and Gentlemen, the magnificent Bethesda Terrace by night.

The Bethesda Fountain, Silhouetted by the lights of the Boathouse Restaurant

Under The Bethesda Terrace, looking toward the fountain.

Poets Walk, Looking South from the terrace

38 thoughts on “Nearly Midnight in Central Park

  1. Fantastic photos and commentary. I have a new perspective on the Park. As a visitor to New York, Ive only ever seen it during the day. Thanks.

    • I wouldn’t advise anyone to walk around Central Park at night. Not so bad below 90th Street, but the Northern end of it is definitely a ‘no go’ after dark. Thank you for your kind comments.

      • thank you so much! i might just take you up on it! btw, do you have any experience with lightroom? i have photoshop but thinking of getting lightroom. what’s your take on it if you don’t mind.

        • I don’t mind at all, but sorry, I can’t tell you anything about Lightroom or compare it with Photoshop as I don’t use either. I generally rely on my camera settings and the DPP software that came with my Canon. I always shoot in RAW and then play with the contrast, brightness, sharpness etc to get the desired image. When I do feel the need to change more than that (creating the B/W background in ‘Tango in Union Square’ for example) I use Coral Paintshop Pro. Cheap and cheerfully simple, that’s me.

  2. Thanks so much for liking one of my posts. It means a lot! How wonderful it must be to be a photographer living in one of the most exciting, most inspiring cities in the world.

  3. I believe, the content of your site may be in the process of capturing my undivided attention….I leave…and before long, I find myself returning…. to see, to read…. just one more post……

  4. The best I’ve done is twilight in Central Park, I’ve never braved the witching hour there, but boy, I wish I was a little bit braver. Or had a bodyguard. 🙂

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